Tuesday, April 7, 2009

daisy chains

elaborate corsets construct zips and laces
layering an eclipse along my tracable seams
exuberance of flesh and skin
force feeding the cornias
pin pricking your fragile conscience
waver and scent floods your pores
wrinkles creasing a frown along your forehead
feather dusters fill your cavitites
hold my hand, lets lay in the grass
can you count the stars on your finger and your toes?
do they match they freckles that map your arms
daisy chains smother a scarf a hankerchief
tinkerbell treads locks of lust
tip toe. embrace.
organic embryos trickle wisps and blades
illustrious insects penetrate my body
he womb of this worl envelopes my soul
we sink into the earth
this spiritual kingdom
that is
that is us

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