Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am a self proclaimed fan of disney. as a child it was hard for it not to be of influence, from skipping through my ma's garden singing to the flowers to jumping off our backyard table- umbrella in hand i was sure i was going to float up and out towards the clouds it took over my imagination like a day dream of delusion. but disney shame on you. although i dont want to ruin it for those fellow admirers- disney has a long history of racism, american nationalism, class stucture, stereotypical gender roles, feminine sexuality and inequality. sorry its all there, glossed behind likeable characters, catchy songs, and hilarious gags- ideals and patriotic themes shine. i blame disney for my idealistic romantic views. but although i know im not gonna be whisked away on a flying carpet anytime soon. ill stay nostalgic- there still remains a hint a magic.


Annie Lebovitz is an outstanding photographer, she has worked with an array of magazines including most famously vogue and rolling stone. she is best know for her extravagent sets and her fascination with the celebrity. or their fascination with her perhaps. annie does disney is a collection i am familiar with from a few years ago but i thought i would share, i think they are just beautiful.

Whose Watching the Watchmen

I finally hired out the 1986 graphic novel 'Watchmen' - written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dale Gibbons it does not fail to live up to its outstanding reputation. Beautifully crafted, this hand drawn story is dark, vicious and deviously alluring, and i just cant put it down. I only wish i had read it before i had seen the film although fascinating the film only acts as an interpretation on behalf of director Zack Snyder of 300 fame. the films pop cultural context and special effects definitly keep you entertained. but the graphic novel itself is historically and famously a masterpeice. check out your graphic novel section at the library for more brilliant works of art. ( i especially love the opening, picture 2)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010


one more post before bed, and how can one resist images like these. joseph gordon levitt you are a babe, and claudia schiffer never fails to deliver. red hot. the two posed for an issue of GQ. you'll surely remember joseph from the classic ninetys show- third rock from the sun. and hallelujah this lad shines in his latest film 500 days of summer. delicious. night!


 - i just discovered this sweet website in which people post pics on just about anything. these alluring images caught my eye. i heart the world wide web!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

eyes wide open

midnight meanderings. i have posted a few trailers below of up and coming films that focus on just some of societys current issues. i hope you check them out and pass them on. peace.

Food Inc - Official Trailer [HD]

Crude Trailer (HD)

Countdown To Zero - Official Trailer [HD]

The Fountain Trailer

an absolutley breaktaking film and incredible soundtrack by kronos quartet and mogwai. the fountain. share your cinematic secrets with me.